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Creator of the Future Self Reflection Journaling Method

I use Future Self Journaling and AI to help you unlock your full potential and achieve lasting transformation ✨ | PKM | Age 50+ ADHD | Empowering individuals to create their best future selves | Ghostwriter | 🚢 Ship 30

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Digital Thinkers: My friend Kara's Obsidian setup is live!

Hey Reader! Thanks for allowing me into your inbox twice this week. I think you're gonna love what our friend Kara Monroe is doing with Obsidian, Fantastical, and Day One. Whether you use Tana, Obsidian, Roam, or another digital thinking tool, Kara's setup reinforces two things I've learned in...
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4 months ago • 1 min read

Are you trying too hard? Maybe you should stop keeping score.

Hey Reader! When I was a kid growing up in the 1970s, we were all about Evel Knievel on our bicycles. We spray-painted 100 yards of our street in 10-yard increments so we could play tackle football and measure our wheelies. I can remember being so frustrated as I tried to master the...
4 months ago • 2 min read

[Workshop Announcement] Not Fixed, But Flourishing: Embrace the Unfinished Journey

Hey Reader! By popular demand” is such a schtick. Reminds me of outrageous claims and promises that are so silly they're funny. Remember the Old School Ronco TV commercial that promises “set it and forget it” cooking products? Lots of personal development books promise buying their product will...
4 months ago • 1 min read
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Designing Your 90-Day Future Self: A Step-by-Step Process

Hey Reader! Hope you’ve had a good week. This week I started doing a bit of digital maintenance that I hope makes for a much improved experience for you. I’m a little late with the newsletter I promised from last week, and I thank you for your patience.​ Last week you considered a...
5 months ago • 2 min read
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Define Your Better: The Simple Action You Can Take Today to Become Your Best Self in 90 Days

Hey Reader! It's a gorgeous day here in western Arkansas, and I'm outside listening to a mockingbird chattering atop a tall tree and a robin chirping warnings in a nearby bush. Both are protecting nests. Incidentally, I'm always amazed at how a fierce mockingbird can sound like there are a dozen...
6 months ago • 2 min read
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Transform Self-Doubt into Confidence: The Power of a Simple 90-Day Review

Hey Reader! How does your Today Self compare against the Future Self you imagined 90 days ago? Your identity isn’t necessarily what you do every day. Habit psychology teaches the science of changing self and that what we do shapes your identity. However, habits are only part of the process. Being...
6 months ago • 1 min read
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A personal update + next newsletter topics

Hey Reader! Thank you for understanding the unexpected hiatus from this weekly newsletter. I'm back in your inbox to share 3 bits of news. 1. UPDATE: The Ultimate Guide to Purposeful Self-Growth in a BASB Structure We apologize for the delay if you expected The Ultimate Guide to Purposeful...
6 months ago • 1 min read

BASB <=> Purposeful Self-Reflection | CODE for Self-Growth

Hey Reader! As much as you value self-growth, busyness too often intervenes. Rather than respond to the “journal” section of your daily page, you skip past it on the way to “real” thinking. Why? Journaling doesn’t give you a narrow-enough constraint to respond in a sentence or two. You have no...
8 months ago • 1 min read

Practical Advice for Pet Owners: How to Determine When It's Time to Let Go

Hey Reader! This is a tough topic. It's why it's late. I thought long and hard before hitting the send button. Ultimately, I decided the questions I’ve asked for the past fifteen years have tremendous practical value. I pray that sharing the rawness of my grief conveys that I fully understand how...
8 months ago • 2 min read
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Take Your Note to Next Day Self on the Road: Adapting the Practice for Tana

Hey Reader! We've had snow here this week! About 3 inches or so, which is rare in along the Arkansas River. It has been beautiful out here in the country and away from fender-bender pile-ups. Let's talk digital thoughts, shall we? Hard to believe it's been 3 years since I started journaling in a...
8 months ago • 1 min read
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